Our purpose built cattery is of brick construction, heated, double glazed, and fully insulated. Housed in a separate building away from our dog boarding facilities, this ensures the cats cannot hear the dogs and results in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. Classical music is played throughout the day creating a fabulous peaceful and calm environment for our feline friends. Each cat pen has a cosy, fully tiled, sleeping area including a raised bench from which the cats can laze in the sun and look out of the window to the open countryside for their amusement. Each unit also has an attached individual 3.5m x 1.5m fully enclosed play area which includes scratch poles and activity trees. The units are finished to a high standard and provide a warm, clean, dry and hygienic home for your pets during their stay. Each unit is spacious and can comfortably accommodate more than one cat from the same household. Although the cattery is heated, each pen has an individually controlled direct heat lamp for extra warmth if required in colder months.

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Bedding and stimulation

We provide cosy bedding for your cats which is changed as necessary and checked frequently throughout the day. If you feel your pet would settle better having bedding from home please feel free to bring it with you. We also provide scratch poles, activity trees and mats to keep your pets occupied during their stay with us. Our dedicated team will also ensure your cats received regular cuddles and fuss throughout their holiday with us.

Diet and medication

We provide the cats a high quality complete dried food and/or wet food but should you wish us to feed your pet their food from home please bring sufficient with you for their stay, clearly labelled, and we will willingly do so according to your instructions. We can administer vet prescribed medication as necessary and will ask you to bring sufficient with you, clearly labelled, which will be given as per your instructions. In the case of invasive or time sensitive medication there may be a supplementary charge. Please discuss this with us prior to booking. We have access to a local veterinary practice to ensure your cat receives the best care should they be required for continuing medical treatment or any emergencies.

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The safety and welfare of all our boarders forms one of the cornerstones that our reputation is built upon. You can be assured that your pet will always be in a safe and clean environment where the highest standards of hygiene are maintained at all times. Our Cattery pens are routinely cleaned daily and at any other times that are necessary. We use a specialist professional animal disinfectant which is also the preferred disinfectant for veterinary practices and other professional animal organisations. Not only does it kill germs effectively but it is non toxic and safe for all animals, the environment and water courses.

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All boarders must have current vaccinations for the duration of their stay with us and we require you to bring the vaccination card(s) with you on drop off. Any animal with lapsed vaccinations or without their vaccination card will not be admitted for boarding for the safety and wellbeing of all our boarders. Cats must be fully inoculated against feline enteritis and leukaemia. We cannot accept a cat for 4 weeks following their receiving the inoculations, if it is their first time for vaccination. The Kennel Management reserve the right to refuse to board any cat that appears unwell at the time of boarding.

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Daily observations are made regarding food intake, water consumption, toileting, feeding requirements, and medication if required, amongst general observations on behaviour etc. These are recorded on a clip board at the front of each cat unit providing instant referencing for all staff. This process ensures that your pet’s wellbeing is continuously monitored, providing the highest standards of personalised one to one care.

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