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“We firmly and genuinely believe that there is a good home for every dog”


Our Rescue Dogs

Hammerpond Kennels is the repository for all Stray dogs within the Horsham District and surrounding areas, covering as far as Amberley to Copthorne in a wide circle. Unfortunately not all owners find their lost pets, and in some cases these pets are just abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Current legislation states that any dogs not claimed after 7 days are then considered to be abandoned and at that point it is our responsibility to find suitable permanent homes.

Anyone who has worked with animals will tell you that every dog is different. They all have their own personality and unique characters. Some undoubtedly have challenges, which may have been one of the factors for abandoning them, however, not all abandoned animals fall into this category, in fact it has been our experience 95% of the time, that it’s just a change in the owner’s own circumstances that has lead to the pet being abandoned.

If you feel you could provide a stable, loving, caring home for an abandoned dog or would like to know more, please contact Ian Farrell on 01403 891 825 to discuss the options available. Alternatively if you wish to join our waiting list with your requirements please fill in the online form on the Tarriffs & Charges page (with no obligation), or click on this link Rescue Dogs and we will do our best to advise you of any suitable matches.

Hammerpond Kennels West Sussex

Our Commitment

We are committed to finding suitable homes for all of the dogs that we rescue, and before any dog is Re-homed they will be “microchipped” and assessed. This assessment will be made available to you and will be based on our experience during our time together. It will be an honest assessment of its nature, its likes, dislikes, physical condition and any recommendations or conclusions we have made. You can be rest assured that we will never knowingly Re-home a dangerous or vicious dog.

We would also welcome and encourage you to come and visit the dog as often as you feel necessary, and make available one of our paddocks to take the dog for a walk, giving you both the opportunity to get to know each other before you make any decisions. – We will NEVER pressure you into taking a dog, we are only interested in finding the right home for the right dog to provide years of happiness for all.

Home Visits

The idea behind re-homing a dog is to find a loving caring suitable and sustainable home so that the owner and dog can have years of happiness together.

A prospective new owner may be very well intentioned and passionate about a dog, but despite how genuine those feelings are or indeed how committed this prospective owner may be, there are practical everyday issues that need to be considered also. We will of course be happy to discuss the dogs and your needs and find a happy match.

Contribution towards costs

We ask for a small contribution to cover some of the costs associated with the rescue and ongoing care of all the dogs we rescue and re-home. These contributions are vital to us, so that we can continue to provide much needed care, medicine, accommodation, food to name but a few. Without these contributions we simply would not be able to offer the quality care and ongoing commitment to these needy animals, it is quite frankly the life’s blood that makes all this possible.


We encourage all potential new owners to spend as much time as they need visiting any dog(s) they feel might be that special one before they take the next step. Everybody is welcome to walk and play with the dogs within our secure grounds to help both the potential owner and dog decide if they are right for each other.

Once that decision is made we allow the new owner 1 weeks fostering to make sure that this new relationship really will be a happy one, and one that will last. However, if there are any misgivings whatsoever, or you have simply changed your mind, we will be quite happy for you to return the dog to us with no questions asked AT ALL, and refund 50% of any contribution made – This is our commitment and guarantee.



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