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Grooming Services from Hammerpond Kennels.

We will provide the following 4 services listed below with any “Full Groom” FREE of CHARGE. You will normally find that other groomers will make additional charges for the services listed below, and in some cases these charges can be as much as the cost of the grooming itself. - Why not call us today for more details?

Nail clipping

Ear cleaning

Ear plucking

Anal gland expression


Health Check

We cater for dogs of "All Ages & Sizes", where a general health check is carried out every time your dog is groomed at no extra cost so we can alert you if there is a change in your dogs skin / coat condition or any lumps and bumps you may not have noticed. We always use safe and professional shampoos to suit every dogs needs and can make arrangements to use organic or medicated shampoos for a small extra cost – please ask for more details.


On arrival Emma will have a pre-groom consultation to talk through the styling to ensure we fulfil every grooming need and discuss any health problems or behavioural concerns you may have. Our key objective here is to “listen to you” and give you “What you want, and your pet needs”.

Bath only

If you only want to freshen up your pet and allow him to be pampered we can provide a warm relaxing bath using a wide variety of professional dog shampoos, where the shampoo will be selected to complement each dog’s individual needs regarding skin and coat type. We always blow dry by hand and fully brush out, and for the finishing touches apply a spritz of cologne. We Do Not Use Cage Dryers.

Full groom

As above your pet will receive a warm relaxing bath, followed by a blow dry and a full brush out, and then a clip/scissor and style to breed standard or a style to suit your individual requirements, which would of been discussed fully on arrival, please see our Pricing

Hand Stripping

Available on wire coated and silky coated breeds where we will be more than happy to discuss your dogs coat type and suitability for hand stripping on arrival, this process takes longer than clipping so please allow suitable time for a professional finish.


Following our consultation on arrival if your dog is matted additional charges will be made, the de-matting process is very time consuming and for the welfare of your pet the matt’s will be removed or brushed out depending on the severity of the matting. We operate ethically and will not try to brush out severe matting as this will only result in extreme discomfort and stress for your pet.


Stain Removal – Known as a “Blueberry facial”, this is a luxurious treatment to remove the effects of tear staining.

General Colouring - We have a wide variety of colour enhancing shampoos that can be used to enhance your pets natural coat colouring.

Creative Colouring - Why not give your pet a complete makeover by changing their complete coat colour or have coloured stencil designs on their coats to really make them distinctive and enhance their personality.Toenail Painting - This has become really fashionable,        originally it became fashionable in London and has now started to reach a wider audience.

Toenail painting can provide a very distinctive look easily and affordably and introduce a fun aspect to your pet’s persona.



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