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Hammerpond Cattery

AccommodationHammerpond Cattery Horsham Cat Homes

Our purpose built cattery is also newly developed, of brick construction, double glazed, heated and fully insulated. The accommodation is made up of a large fully tiled, cozy living and sleeping space, with an attached 3 1/2m X 1 1/2m fully enclosed play area for each cat pen. The units are finished to a high standard and provide a warm, clean, dry and hygienic home for your pets during their stay. Each unit is spacious and can comfortably accommodate more than one cat from the same household.

The cats can laze in the sun and look out of the window to the open countryside for their amusement. Each unit has an individually controlled direct heat lamp for extra warmth if required in colder months.

Cleaning Regime

Hammerpond Kennels and Cattery Cats

The safety and welfare of all our boarders forms one of the cornerstones that our reputation is built upon. You can be assured that your pet will always be in a safe and clean environment where the highest standards of hygiene are maintained at all times.

Our Cattery is cleaned routinely twice a day and at any other times that are necessary. We use a specialist professional animal disinfectant which is also the preferred disinfectant for veterinary practices and other professional animal organisations. It kills germs effectively but it is non toxic and safe for all animals including the environment and water courses.

Unfortunately most other Cattery’s use bleach or other such derivatives when cleaning the accommodation, mainly because it is cheap, typically £2.50 per 5 Litres compared to £38 per 5 Litres of professional disinfectant. Bleach will be poured into a bucket and diluted and an area washed down using a household mop for speed.

Problems with this are;

1. Bleach is toxic.

2. Severe skin irritation can occur and cause distress and in some cases burning to the skin of the animal.

3. By mopping an area all you are effectively doing is diluting the urine and faetal matter with diluted bleach, whereupon your pet will re-enter the area and lie on a wet floor absorbing the remnants of this mix that can never be fully dried up with a mop alone. This is often why pets smell when leaving boarding facilities.

4. A progressively more contaminated mop and bucket now passes on any viral infections and germs onto the next and subsequent accommodation.

Our cleaning regime is entirely different. We never compromise our standards of hygiene for speed or cost. We have invested in a “professional scrubber drier machine” that dispenses clean safe disinfectant from a reservoir onto scrubber rollers. At a flick of a switch the applied dirty disinfectant mixture is sucked up into a separate reservoir ensuring that the cattery area is always dry and hygienically clean for the animals at all times.

You should insist on inspection of any Cattery that you are considering using and investigate how often cleaning is done, with what materials and by what processes.


Daily observations are made regarding food intake, water consumption, toileting, feeding requirements, and medication if required, amongst general observations on behaviour etc. These are recorded on a clip board at the front of the kennel providing instant referencing for all staff.

This process ensures that your pet’s wellbeing is continuously monitored, providing the highest standards of personalised one to one care.

BeddingHammer Pond Cats

We provide cosy bedding for your cats which is changed as necessary and checked frequently throughout the day. If you feel your pet would settle better having bedding from home please feel free to bring it with you.

We also provide scratch poles and mats to keep your pets occupied during their stay with us.

Diet and medication

We feed the cats a high quality complete dried food but should you wish us to feed your pet any other food please bring sufficient with you for their stay, clearly labelled, and we will willingly do so according to your instructions.

We can administer medication as necessary and will ask you to bring sufficient with you, clearly labelled, for their stay and we will again give it to them as per your instructions.


All boarders must have current vaccinations for the duration of their stay with us and we require you to bring the vaccination card with you on drop off. Any animal with lapsed vaccinations or without their vaccination card will not be admitted for boarding for the safety and wellbeing of all our boarders.

Cats must be fully inoculated against feline enteritis and leukaemia. We cannot accept a cat for 4 weeks following receiving the inoculations if it is their first time.

The Kennel Management reserve the right to refuse to board any cat that appears unwell at the time of boarding.


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