Our purpose built kennels are of brick construction, double glazed and fully insulated to help pets feel comfortable in new surroundings. Designed as large doubles, each unit has an individually controlled direct heat lamp for extra warmth if required in colder months.

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Hammerpond Cattery


Our purpose built cattery is of brick construction, heated, double glazed, and fully insulated. Housed in a separate building away from our dog boarding facilities, this ensures the cats cannot hear the dogs and results in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.

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We offer our boarding clients the convenience of having a going home bath and/or nail clip before collection by staff that have got to know them well during their boarding.  A stress free service. We welcome clients booking a bath and/or clip when not boarding too.

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Horsham Kennels & Cattery - built for your Pet's comfort
Hammerpond Kennels & Cattery - Luxury Accommodation for your Pet

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Our Kennels and Cattery

We designed and built new facilities which comprised of a number of separate kennel blocks enabling us to house similar temperament or size dogs together, along with a separate cattery building. We have invested in a bespoke computerised bookings programme to ensure we capture all relevant details for you and your pet(s), including any specific feeding or medical requirements or other “need to know details”, ensuring that all of our Team are fully informed and able to offer your pets the best care possible throughout their stay.  Your pets will be monitored throughout each day, from toileting, character changes, to food and water intake so you can be confident in the knowledge that they are being well looked after by our experienced team.  

Stray Dog Collection Services

Stray Dog Collection Services

Horsham and Mid Sussex District Councils have approved Hammerpond Kennels as the kennel of choice !

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